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$35 million gift from Todd and Andie Pedersen to Primary Children’s Hospital
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$35 million gift from Todd and Andie Pedersen to Primary Children’s Hospital

Todd and Andie Pedersen, philanthropists, and chairman/founder of Vivint Smart Home, announced a $35 million donation to Primary Children’s Hospital for the Larry H. and Gail Miller Family Campus, which will be built in Lehi City, Utah.

This is the largest donation the Pedersens have given to the community.

Todd Pedersen said Gail Miller’s example of donating $50 million to Primary Children’s Hospital paved the way.

“We just want to follow their lead and set an example for others because there are many people in this state, specifically Utah County, that have been very, very blessed financially,” he said.

Miller spoke about her family’s commitment to doing good in the world “until there’s too much good in the world.” She showed off a necklace given to her by a patient at Primary Children’s Hospital.

“We have a special place in their hearts, and they will always remember what you’re doing here today,” she said.

This special donation means a lot to 10-year-old Harper Morgan.

At the age of 4, she was diagnosed with Leukemia. She just finished cancer treatment at Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City.

Morgan lives right next to Primary Children’s future Lehi campus, and when the hospital is built, she will no longer have to travel to Salt Lake City for appointments.

She gave the Pedersens some Halloween artwork to show her thanks.

The Pedersens said as a family, they wanted to give back to a cause that would have a lasting impact.

“I get so emotional talking about this,” Andie Pedersen said.

She spoke about a family friend whose daughter has a brain tumor and is seeking treatment at Primary’s Children. This act is a personal investment.

“It didn’t seem right to write a check and not be involved. We wanted to get to be here and visit and get to know you. And have relationships beyond a visit to the hospital.” she said.

The patient tower will be named in the Pedersens’ honor. The couple also asked the community to give — not necessarily money, but time.

Hospital administrators say this generous donation will help more children access the expertise of their staff and support their mission to create the nation’s model health system for children.

The hospital is expected to open in 2024.

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