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Dr. Soon-Shiong donates $26 million to Access to Advanced Health Institute
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Dr. Soon-Shiong donates $26 million to Access to Advanced Health Institute

The Chan Soon-Shiong Family Foundation (CSSFF) showed their support toward the development of future vaccines and therapeutic solutions for patients worldwide, regardless of their location and socio-economic status, through a $26 million donation to the Access to Advanced Health Institute (AAHI). This donation will aid in the development and clinical testing of immune-enhancing technology that will serve people from all backgrounds worldwide.

AAHI has a mission to gather the best experts, technologies, and platforms to create high-quality products and solutions that are accessible to all communities. The institute is working to target rural communities and countries with low- and middle- income by enhancing the body’s response to more potent, effective, and longer-lasting vaccines and immunotherapies in times of disease. The organization sees investing into future solutions as critical to support the health of underserved communities and people groups. 

Patrick Soon-Shiong, MD, founder of the CSSFF, and chair of AAHI’s board of Directors, said, “A more sustainable solution is needed to end this pandemic and protect us from the world’s deadliest diseases. Vaccines need to provide effective and lasting protection by inducing broadly neutralizing antibodies, killer T cells that will destroy the already infected cells, and importantly, memory T cells and B cells, which are cross protective against multiple coronaviruses. AAHI has developed next-generation technology that through various approaches, including a mix-and-match vaccine regimen, can trigger all lines of immunological defence and reach all areas of the world, including low resource areas.”

“We are grateful and excited to invest this donation in bringing out immune-enhancing adjuvant and RNA technologies to the clinic into commercial-scale production. Our team is intent on innovation to make our technologies affordable and accessible, even in hard-to-reach areas of the world, so that we can change lives for the better in tangible ways. We are experiencing rapid growth, forging new collaborations, and deepening our scientific bench, while building a culture of continuous improvement and discovery, which this funding will support”, said MD, MPH, and CEO of AAHI, Corey Casper.

Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong has been featured on the cover of Lifestyles Magazine/Meaningful Influence.

Photo: Philanthropist Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong with Lifestyles Magazine/Meaningful Influence founder Gabriel Erem

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