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$200 million gift from Franklin Antonio to support science research for high schoolers
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$200 million gift from Franklin Antonio to support science research for high schoolers

Imagine a high school student who joins a summer program and develops a passion for science that leads them to become ground-breaking researchers. The Summer Science Program (SSP) has been promoting transformational journeys of that nature for many years. Franklin Antonio, a 1969 program alumnus and Qualcomm pioneer, gave $200 million to support this crucial effort.

The SSP is one of the oldest research-based science enrichment programs; it was founded in 1959. Students in the program get the chance to conduct practical research in the fields of biochemistry, astrophysics, and genomics.

The program is “designed for exceptionally talented high school students who excel in the most difficult math and science courses available to them and who show evidence of maturity and motivation, especially in the face of challenges.” In addition to helping SSP, Antonio made a big difference in his neighborhood by giving to colleges, research organizations, and the homeless problem.

According to Michael McKay, chair of the board of SSP, “Summer Science Program has been transforming the lives of young people for decades, and our incredible alumni are a testament to the power of education and collaboration.”

He added, “As an alumnus myself, I have been incredibly lucky to witness fellow SSPers like Franklin Antonio leading the way in science, technology and business. Thanks to his generous gift, we will be able to share the life-changing experience that is SSP with even more brilliant young people, and we’re confident that his legacy will inspire generations of STEM and business leaders to come.”

With Antonio’s contribution, SSP will be able to grow and offer chances to kids who might not otherwise have them. SSP will use these monies to advance its goal of encouraging a greater respect for scientific inquiry.

By providing need-blind financial aid and actively searching out candidates based on both academic and personal criteria, SSP is committed to promoting diversity in STEM.

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