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The Simons Foundation awards $11 million to the National GEM Consortium
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The Simons Foundation awards $11 million to the National GEM Consortium

In support of underrepresented researchers in the STEM field aspiring to achieve a PhD, the National Consortium for Graduate Degrees for Minorities in Engineering and Science receives an $11 million, five-year grant to help fund 100 people annually. On top of the financial support, grant recipients will receive access to professional and practical career experience through various internship opportunities.

The Simons Foundation was co-founded in 1994 in New York City by Jim and Marilyn Simons, and exists to support discovery-driven scientific research to explore and understand world events. The Foundation, along with GEM, focus heavily on scientific impact and strengthening the frontiers of both math and science. They aim to support all people from underrepresented backgrounds, believing that significant advances will come through the unity of these groups.

“The Simons Foundation is really proud to partner with a group like GEM, with such a stellar record of increasing underrepresented groups in STEM master’s and doctoral programs,” said The Simons Foundation’s president, David Spergel.  “This program will enable the training of the next generation of scientific leaders.  I look forward to seeing the novel scientific insights in the coming years.  These students are an important part of the future of US science”.

Photo: Philanthropist Jim Simons with mRNA Vaccine pioneer Dr. Katalin Kariko and Lifestyles Magazine/Meaningful Influence founder Gabriel Erem; Photographed at the Institute for Advanced Study by Richard Garriott deCayeux

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