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The Ballmers’ donate $425 million to the University of Oregon
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The Ballmers’ donate $425 million to the University of Oregon

A $425 million donation will establish The Ballmer Institute for Children’s Behavioural Health at the University of Oregon (UO). Steve Ballmer and his wife, Connie Ballmer, alumnus and previous Board of Trustee member, and have made this institute focused on children’s mental and behavioural health possible through their generous endowment.

The gift will help to establish a new national model for behavioural and mental health care and will be made possible through the unity of UO’s top-ranked research programs and local public schools and families. The model will become a part of the daily practice for students K-12. UO will also propose a brand new degree program alongside a certificate program to educate and encourage those eager to work in the field and make a difference in children’s lives.

The Ballmers’ are the co-founders of Ballmer Group Philanthropy, an organization highly regarded for its support of youth through various partnerships. The couple recognizes the critical need for behavioural health services across the country now more than ever and view this institute as an opportunity to strengthen the health system by addressing these issues that impact so many children and families across Oregon.

“Connie and Steve Ballmer, who have already provided exceptional support and inspiration for children’s behavioural health, are now empowering the university to make immediate and lasting positive impacts on children’s behavioural and mental health,” said President and Professor of Law at UO, Michael H. Schill. “A bold effort is needed to address the behavioural and mental health needs of our youth. This gift is monumental. It enables UO researchers and experts to build on collective vision to develop innovative and scalable programs, and to address the need for a sustainable workforce that can work directly with our children.”


Photo: Philanthropists Steve and Connie Ballmer

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