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$58 million gift from Hugh Hoffman for ALS research and patient care announced by nephews Steve and Bert Bullock
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$58 million gift from Hugh Hoffman for ALS research and patient care announced by nephews Steve and Bert Bullock

In a remarkable display of philanthropy, late Cincinnati millionaire Hugh Hoffman gave transformative gifts to various Cincinnati institutions, including a record-breaking donation to the ALS Association.

Hoffman’s most significant contribution was the $58 million gift to the ALS Association, marking the most important single philanthropic donation to any ALS organization. This generous act of kindness represents more than half of the funds raised by the ALS Association through its viral Ice Bucket Challenge in 2014. The millionaire’s gift has sparked new hope for those living with ALS, as it will be instrumental in advancing promising ALS therapies, developing new clinics, and enhancing access to ALS care for patients.

In addition to the ALS Association, Hoffman directed gifts to several other Cincinnati institutions close to his heart.

Among these, the University of Cincinnati, the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, and the Cincinnati Nature Center each received $120 million, allowing them to further their missions and serve the local community more effectively.

The motivation behind Hoffman’s generous donation to the ALS Association stems from a deeply personal connection.

At the tender age of 11, Hoffman witnessed the devastating impact of ALS when his father succumbed to the disease. This childhood tragedy left an indelible mark on Hoffman, shaping his lifelong commitment to supporting ALS research and patient care.

Hoffman’s nephews, Steve and Bert Bullock confirmed the donation alongside ALS Association President and CEO Calaneet Balas.

“My uncle Hugh was a humble and caring man who always sought to make a difference in the lives of others,” said Steve Bullock. “His generous gift to the ALS Association is a testament to his enduring love for his father and his unwavering dedication to finding a cure for this debilitating disease.”

As a true beacon of hope, Hugh Hoffman’s donation will accelerate the development of new ALS treatments and serve as a powerful reminder of the potential for human kindness to transform lives. Through his remarkable philanthropy, Hoffman’s legacy will continue to inspire and uplift those affected by ALS, bringing them one step closer to a world where ALS is livable until a cure is found.

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