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$100 million from Rollins family to Emory U.
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$100 million from Rollins family to Emory U.

The O. Wayne Rollins Foundation has committed $100 million to the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University, and is the largest gift in the school’s history.

The Rollins family has actively supported Emory since 1992 and has established endowment and scholarship funds as well as supported the construction of new buildings.

Two endowment funds will be created with the contribution: The first will be used to double the number of merit scholarships given to public health students and provide students

with career-enhancing experiences, and the other will be dedicated to doubling the number of endowed faculty positions and provide early career support for junior faculty.

“This is just the next step in the commitment that the Rollins family has made to Emory and the School of Public Health,” said John Rice, the chairman of the Woodruff Health Science Committee at Emory.

“This endowment will change the lives of students and faculty forever, and it’s the wonderful thing about building the endowment. It’s the gift that keeps giving.”

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