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Gray Keller
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Gray Keller

  • Philanthropist
Dr. Gray Keller believes in the authentic, relational transformation (ART) of soul care. He writes, speaks and advises on topics ranging from philanthropic leadership, servant leadership, contemporary art collecting, and the relational dynamics of wealth on the soul.

Having participated with many organizations ranging from the Global Philanthropy Forum, Institute for Private Investors, NEXUS, Purposeful Planning Institute, Salt Exchange, SOLVE/MIT and several Family Office organizations, Keller enjoys leveraging wisdom with real life experience for meaningful impact in blessing others.

Gray currently serves on the board of several nonprofits including Danita’s Children, a holistic orphanage in Haiti where the impact of a child’s life is measured from infancy to adulthood.

Over the years he has given away millions of dollars to charities throughout Central Florida, America and the world. While participating in medical missions, to encouraging girl’s education, to supporting widow, orphan and extreme poverty concerns, Keller has a vast scope of hands-on experience that goes beyond check writing. As a result, Gray understands both the blessings as well as the burdens that donors experience from wise generosity.

Dr. Keller has been published in “The Eight Principles of Sustainable Fundraising Podcast” (2016), as a contributing author in “Family Offices: The STEP Handbook for Advisers” (2015), “The Unhappy Philanthropist” (2015), “Developing a Global Agenda: Expert Insights from the Inaugural STEP Global Congress” (2014), “Sorbet” (2014), “The Times of India: Paying it Forward” (2013), and other podcasts and publications. He has published two books “Everyone Wants Your Money” (2010) and “Bless” (2018). Gray is currently working on “WEALTHY: Redefined,” a book on what it means to be wealthy beyond money, where character counts more than cash.

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