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Caroline Mindus
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Caroline Mindus

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Everyone has a story worth sharing.
This belief has driven Caroline Mindus to cultivate the art of expression throughout her journey. Natural curiosity drives her pursuit of challenges, with constant search for creative and sustainable solutions.

With these principles, Caroline launched her company Magnitis in Monaco: home of bespoke story coaching for public speaking – empowerment through storytelling.

She is also part of her family business Mindus, harnessing the power of streaming for green digital with IIZI – tech can truly be a force for social and environmental good.

“Caroline represents the Millennial generation on our Advisory Committee.”

Her international upbringing with a rich multicultural Eurasian legacy set the stage for her openness and sensitivity to diversity. The family array of entrepreneurs, diplomats, lawyers, professors and doctors laid ground for her willingness to become an advocate for inclusion and breaking boundaries with education.

She believes in putting her talents at the service of greater causes and joining forces with like-minded and like-hearted individuals to do so – strength in unity.

She is an active member in Nexus, a global organization gathering Next Gen philanthropists, impact investors and social entrepreneurs, representing Monaco; and Orchestrated Connecting for action-oriented and impact-minded Connectors.

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