Issue 283: Fall 2019

In This Issue


Big Gifts: the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

The Human Cell Atlas has been given a boost in the form of a $68 million donation.

First Person: Angela Mwanza

Working with families to develop their intergenerational philanthropy.


Women and Philanthropy

Those in our list have dedicated their time, skills, and resources, extending their influence to improve all corners of society.


Cover Profile

Anousheh Ansari

By N.C. Maisak

The perfectly unscripted life of Anousheh Ansari.

Laura Turner Seydel

By Courtney Greenberg

Laura Turner Seydel is making her father proud—and the world a better place.

Miranda Wang

By Meagan Gillmore

Looking to the future, Miranda Wang is transforming the way we recycle in the present.

Kristine Gedroic

By Nancy A. Ruhling

Dr. Kristine Gedroic had to become the patient to better understand how she can help save lives.

Heidi Roddenberry

By Leah Morrison

Heidi Roddenberry found a family that embraces her ideals to make the world a better place.


By Luke Coulter

Mental health advocate Khaliya doesn’t care if her passion isn’t popular—because she knows it’s one worth having.

Chelsea Mehra

By Mariah Pardy

Chelsea Mehra wants girls to know finance, consumers to know their impact, and everyone to reclaim industries.

Dana Ardi

By Angelica Pajkovic

Dr. Dana Ardi cares about your office’s culture.


  • Hot Pink Party
  • Backstage at the Geffen
  • Conservatory Ball
  • Fact vs. Fiction
  • Party in the Garden
  • HSS Tribute Dinner
  • MOCA Benefit