Issue 281: Spring 2019

IAS raised almost $3.5 million!

“How I wish that somewhere there existed an island for those who are wise and of goodwill! In such a place even I would be an ardent patriot.” – Albert Einstein

Lifestyles Magazine/Meaningful Influence was honored by an invitation to participate in the first Einstein Gala held for the benefit of the Institute for Advanced Study—a venerable institution where Professor Albert Einstein worked and taught. We have been invited to the New York gala by Hungarian-born computer software pioneer, leading philanthropist and Chairman of the Institute’s Board of Trustees Dr. Charles Simonyi (pictured right, holding a copy of Lifestyles Magazine in space) who has twice visited the International Space Station as the world’s only two-time space tourist.

Dr. Simonyi who was Microsoft’s first chief software architect made history when he took a copy of our Lifestyles Magazine that featured him on the cover on board of the International Space Station.

The New York City Einstein Gala honored the legendary mathematician and mega-philanthropist Jim Simons.

Charles Simonyi in space, holding a copy of Lifestyles Magazine.

In This Issue


Spotlight: Ruth Shaber

Identifying and supporting innovative solutions to improve the health and well-being of women and girls.

First Person: Danielle Collins

Getting to know your brain.


The Health List

Health care, and the science behind revolutionary vaccines, medical breakthroughs, and new discoveries, is many things: it’s a business, a goal, a hope, and a dream.


Cover Profile

Sean Parker

By Leah Morrison

From file-sharing to curing cancer, Sean Parker has demonstrated the growth of his desire to make the world better.

Deepak Chopra

By Kimberly Greene

Deepak Chopra wrestles with the hard problem of consciousness.

Seth Berkley

By Luke Coulter

Dr. Seth Berkley is leading the mission to vaccinate every child in the world.

Anielka Medina

By Julie Jacobs

Inspired by her mother, Anielka Medina worked with two friends to look after the health of women in Nicaragua.

Eric Nicolaides

By Rena Godfrey

Venture wildcat Eric Nicolaides thinks outside the box.

Kerry Sulkowicz

By Meagan Gillmore

In the business world, Dr. Kerry Sulkowicz is the man to see.

Vinod Balachandran

By Linda Banks

Dr. Vinod Balachandran is part of a fight that might define a generation.

Peter Libby and Beryl Benacerraf

By Sarah Manning

How Dr. Peter Libby and Dr. Beryl Benacerraf have managed two extraordinary careers with a strong marriage and raising a family.

Bill Doyle

By Mariah Pardy

Bill Doyle has dedicated his career to changing the lives of cancer patients.


  • IAS Einstein Gala

  • Spotlight Initiative Awards

  • NEXUS USA Summit

  • Society of MSK Winter Lunch

  • Generosity Signature

  • Night of Assists

  • amfAR Gala New York

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