Issue 271: Fall 2017

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Big Gift: Kenneth and Elaine Langone

Pledging the largest single gift to Bucknell University to benefit financial aid.

First Person: Jason Chandler

Mobilizing private wealth for public good.


The Social Innovation and Impact Investing Issue

Spotlight: Jennifer Pryce

As told to Sam Robinson

Jennifer Pryce is CEO of the 20-year-old Calvert Social Investment Foundation. Calvert Foundation enables investors to direct their money to mission-driven organizations around the globe. Pryce provides insight into the best ways to do good and make a profit—something the foundation has done with more than $1.5 billion.


Cover Profile


A Skoll World Forum exclusive talk between Jeff Skoll and Bono.

Laurie Michaels

By Luke Coulter

Whether it’s an “Oops” or an “Oh, My God” moment, Dr. Laurie Michaels is there to save the day.

Yehuda Kahane

By Ilan Mandel

Yehuda Kahane believes the insurance and pension industry can save the world.

Kerry Kennedy

By Leah Morrison

Human rights activist Kerry Kennedy has spent more than 35 years fighting for the rights of people around the world, and continues to believe things will get better.

John Tidmarsh

By Bodey Doyle

John Tidmarsh is lighting the way to impact investment in the developing world.

Simone Friedman

By Robin Winters

A single event inspired Simone Friedman to take an active role in the world of philanthropy and social impact.

Jay Lipman

By Sarah Manning

Jay Lipman has an “ethical” approach to sustainable investing.

Jeff Greene

By George Chang

Jeff Greene’s journey from busboy to real estate mogul turned philanthropist.

Rachel Cohen Gerrol

By H.G. Lemonpepper

Rachel Cohen Gerrol bridges the communities of wealth and social entrepreneurship.

Cynthia Wu

By Mackenzie Galloway

Cynthia Wu’s family business was already a success, but when she became executive director of its charitable foundation, philanthropy skyrocketed.

Angela Homsi

By Vanessa Luciano

Angela Homsi wants to brighten up Africa.

Lawrence Bloom

By Efraim Wyeth

Peter Samuelson

By Mariah Pardy

Producer Peter Samuelson has been a voice for children’s advocacy since the 1980s.


  • The Met Gala
  • Hot Pink Party
  • Memorial Sloan Kettering Spring Ball
  • Race to Erase MS Gala
  • MoMA’s Party in the Garden
  • American Spirit Awards Gala
  • National Night of Laughter and Song

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