Issue 235: Fall 2011

In This Issue


Giving Green

Green hornets—and green veterans—continue the fight to keep the sun at bay and the oceans full.

Eco and the city

Where are the world’s most livable cities?

Fashion Forward

Green is the new black for these designers.


Cover Profile

Adam Werbarch

By Nancy A. Ruhling

Adam Werbach saw a lot of eyebrows go up when he took his gleaming green cred and partnered with Walmart. Now all he sees are eyes opening.

Mike Jackson

By Darren Gluckman

Don’t be mistaken: Mike Jackson may be selling luxury cars in the American Sunbelt, but he’d be just as happy putting customers into the newest hybrid. And here’s how he plans to make that happen.

Laurie David

By Victoria Scrozzo

She’s won an Oscar and inspired characters on Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm, but all Laurie David wants is to sit down to a meal with her family.

Rob Bernard

By Marc Weisblott

For Microsoft’s chief environmental strategist Rob Bernard, the journey needed to start by getting rid of 16 million Styrofoam cups.

Wes Jackson

By Julie Jacobs

Wes Jackson is in the fight of his life—and against a foe he hopes will never die.

Paul Watson

By John Davidson

Is he a pirate, a vigilante, or just your average environmentalist? One thing’s for sure: Paul Watson isn’t scared of anything—or anybody.

Larry Scarpa

By Darren Gluckman

If Oprah loves him, and Leo wants to be him, then why is Larry Scarpa feeling so unfulfilled?

Bruce Poon Tip

By Matthew Kim

A death-defying journey into Bruce Poon Tip’s matrix.

Rodger Schlickeisen

By David Blumenfeld

Rodger Schlickeisen went from Harvard Business School to the U.S. Army before turning wilderness protection into a million-person battlefield.

Jeffrey Hollender

By Nancy A. Ruhling

Jeffrey Hollender says to vote with your dollars to give a green shout-out to the good guys and a thumbs-down to the ones who don’t get it right.

Harvey Ruvin

By David Blumenfeld

“If we can get it together…just think; maybe, just maybe, there’s a link? A link to poverty, hunger, disease, and hatred, too. If the world can solve climate, there’s nothing we can’t do.”


  • Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic
  • Mercedes-Benz Manhattan Opening
  • Women in Film Crystal + Lucy Awards
  • ARK 10th Anniversary Gala Dinner
  • Museum Tribute Dinner in NYC
  • NYU Langone Violet Ball
  • Stephan Weiss Apple Awards
  • 19th Annual Dystonia & Parkinson Golf Invitational
  • Paris Life & Luxury Exhibit
  • Offit Honored in NYC
  • New York Philharmonic Spring Gala
  • MoMA Party in the Garden
  • Sheba Medical Center Couture Fashion Show
  • Mount Sinai Crystal Party
  • Father of the Year Awards

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