Issue 234: Summer 2011

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    The Entertainment Issue

    Stars choosing to play the most important part of all.


    Cover Profile

    Steve Nash

    By Steven Woodhead

    One of basketball’s best all-time players, Steve Nash is handing out even more assists off the court.

    Paul Haggis

    By Julie Jacobs

    What do actors Gerard Butler, Nicole Kidman, Diane Lane, Demi Moore, Susan Sarandon, Ben Stiller, and Charlize Theron all have in common? They’ve joined Academy Award winner Paul Haggis in the pursuit of peace and justice.

    Ernie Els

    By Matthew Kim

    When his son was diagnosed with autism, perennial nice guy Ernie Els changed his focus from caddies to kids. Now his family is ready to alter the landscape for all those living with the enigmatic condition.

    Ian Somerhalder

    By Marc Weisblott

    Sharing his life via Twitter and Facebook has allowed TV bloodsucker Ian Somerhalder to expose the younger generation to the plight of the Gulf Coast.

    Ty Burrell

    By Alexandra Lucchesi

    When Ty Burrell isn’t on the set of his hit ABC sitcom, he’s probably deep in the American West fighting to preserve its beauty.

    Michael Eisner

    By Nancy A. Ruhling

    He helped give us the Fonz, almost single-handedly invented the movie blockbuster, and turned the mouse into a giant, but the newly minted Eisner Prize is media legend Michael Eisner’s chance to quietly change the world.

    William Shatner

    By Marc Weisblott

    He’s been a sex symbol, pop culture icon, Hollywood castoff, and cheesy pitchman. But as he turns 80,
    William Shatner is one thing above all else: A survivor.

    Alina Cho

    By Julie Jacobs

    Alina Cho’s Big Stars, Big Giving on CNN shows a side of celebrities that sometimes gets lost in the spotlight.

    Jeffrey Wright

    By David Blumenfeld

    Jeffrey Wright’s won awards for his work on stage and screen, but his most important role is the one he’s playing for lasting peace in Sierra Leone.

    Josh Bycel

    By Jay Andrews

    Handpicked to lead a hit sitcom through its final season, Josh Bycel is trying to write a happy ending for some kids in the Third World.


    • Woodrow Wilson Awards
    • Global Green Celebrity
    • Charity Party
    • Outstanding Mother Awards
    • Celebrating 120 Years of Carnegie Hall
    • Women in Film
    • FIDF National NY Gala
    • FIDF Western Region Gala
    • Natan Fund Inaugural Gala
    • Simon Wiesenthal Center National Tribute Dinner
    • The Children’s Hearing Institute
    • Soutine/Bacon Exhibition Launch Party
    • Hot Pink Party
    • Kohl Children’s Museum Gala
    • Women Who Care Luncheon
    • Through the Kitchen
    • MET Costume Institute Benefit Gala

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