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Ronald S. Lauder Receives the Top Honor
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Ronald S. Lauder Receives the Top Honor

Congratulations to our Lifestyles Magazine/Meaningful Influence Governing Board Member, Philanthropist Ronald S. Lauder upon receiving the top honor awarded to a non-French individual from French President Emmanuel Macron just nine years after Lauder’s previous honor.

The President of the French Republic presented Ronald S. Lauder a commander of the Legion of Honor medal. The title, known to be France’s highest order of distinction, was presented in honor of Lauder’s contributions to the world’s communities, as well as his vision for peace and culture.

When presenting the prestigious award French President Macron recognized Lauder’s steadfast commitment to fighting hatred and discrimination. He also noted the Mr. Lauder’s investment in the education of younger generations.

Ronald Lauder had previously been named an officer of the Legion of Honor by former French president François Hollande in 2013. The commander rank requires a minimum of five years in the officer rank.

“I thank President Macron and the nation of France for this award,” Lauder said in response to receiving the title.

“France is the cradle of the values of enlightenment, egalitarianism and tolerance that I fight for today, and I cherish this award as a symbol of my ongoing commitment to those ideals”.

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