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$65 million naming gift to Science Center from Daniel and Carole Kamin
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$65 million naming gift to Science Center from Daniel and Carole Kamin

Big changes are coming to the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh.

The center announced Tuesday it received the largest gift in its history, $65 million from Daniel and Carole Kamin. The center will be renamed the Daniel G. and Carole L. Kamin Science Center.

“Dan and Carole have been generous supporters of our museums for many years, and with this unprecedented gift they are further establishing their legacy as true leaders in Pittsburgh’s philanthropic community,” said Steven Knapp, president and CEO of Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh. “Their forward-looking generosity will establish a firm foundation for the Science Center as it expands its capacity to inform and inspire its audiences within and beyond our region.”

Daniel Kamin is a Pittsburgh-based commercial real estate entrepreneur. Carole Kamin is an emeritus member of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History advisory board and a longtime member of Carnegie Museum of Art’s Women’s Committee.

Daniel Kamin traces his dedication to science to the former Buhl Planetarium and Institute of Popular Science, the precursor to Carnegie Science Center.

“I vividly recall crafting my own telescope during many inspired visits to The Buhl, so I have a great appreciation for the role the Science Center plays in educating and inspiring our young people,” he said in a statement. “The Science Center is a vital contributor to the economic vitality of the Pittsburgh region and a great partner to our schools and science-based businesses. Carole and I were inspired by the future vision presented by the Science Center’s leadership, and we felt compelled to support it in a meaningful way.”

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