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$30 million naming gift to National Medal of Honor Museum Foundation from Ken Griffin puts his giving above $2 billion over three years
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$30 million naming gift to National Medal of Honor Museum Foundation from Ken Griffin puts his giving above $2 billion over three years

The National Medal of Honor Museum Foundation (NMOHMF) announced a $30 million gift from Kenneth C. Griffin, Founder and CEO of Citadel and Founder of Griffin Catalyst.

In recognition of Griffin’s generosity and commitment to sharing the stories and values of the Medal of Honor, the Museum’s leadership institute will be named the National Medal of Honor Griffin Institute.

“Because of Ken’s extraordinary generosity, millions of people will be able to learn about the Medal of Honor and how to apply its values to their own lives,” said Chris Cassidy, Museum Foundation President and CEO, and Charlotte Jones, Chair of the Board of Directors. “The National Medal of Honor Griffin Institute will cultivate leaders who embody the principles displayed by Medal of Honor recipients and will have a positive impact in communities across the country. This gift will turbocharge our mission to inspire America, which is needed in these divided times more than ever. We are deeply grateful.”

The Griffin Institute is built around three foundational goals: to inspire individuals to be leaders in their own spheres of influence, to equip them to make positive change in their community, and to connect communities – and our country – through character and service. Housing three centers of focus – the Center for Character Excellence, the Center for Leadership in Action, and the Center for the Elevation of Honor – the Griffin Institute will be headquartered in a state-of-the-art facility at the National Medal of Honor Museum in Arlington, Texas, and provide nationwide and global programming for all ages using legacies of valor to model the values of Medal of Honor recipients.

“The courageous recipients of the Medal of Honor have protected the promise of our nation and embodied selflessness, service, and sacrifice,” said Kenneth C. Griffin. “I am proud to support the National Medal of Honor Institute and its mission to inspire people with the Medal of Honor values and to realize their full potential.”

To that end, the Institute began programming for two cohorts of current and rising leaders this year, featuring seminars led by exceptional facilitators, highly successful military and corporate leaders, and from Medal of Honor recipients, as they are guided through a transformational leadership development journey applying the Medal of Honor values to work and life. Three additional cohorts are planned for 2024.

Youth programming also began this year through a partnership with the NFL Foundation’s Character Playbook, which added three Medal of Honor values modules. This Playbook is used as a teaching resource in 29,000 schools around the country and is available free of charge to all students.

“Medal of Honor recipients have long been passionate about promoting the values inherent to the Medal through education. For years, we have done this by going to schools and classrooms one-by-one to speak to students, but there are only 65 living recipients,” said Medal of Honor recipient retired Army General Patrick Brady. “Now, through the Griffin Institute, Ken’s generosity, and partnerships like this one with the NFL Foundation, we can dramatically increase our ability to reach more young people to promote these values which are so important to individual and shared success.”

Following the completion of construction of the Museum in Arlington, Texas, in early 2025, the Griffin Institute will include a 220-seat theater, classrooms and meeting rooms, and a conference center. More information about the National Medal of Honor Griffin Institute may be found here.

About the Institute, Museum, and Monument: The National Medal of Honor Griffin Institute, Museum, and Monument will inspire individuals by honoring and preserving the history of the highest military decoration awarded for valor in combat.

Through dynamic and far-reaching programing, the National Medal of Honor Griffin Institute will bring to life the core values inherent to the Medal of Honor. Character curriculum is already being delivered in 29,000 schools around the country and multi-day courses for current and rising adult leaders have taken place twice in 2023 with three such courses planned for 2024.  Programming from the Griffin Institute will reach classrooms, boardrooms, and communities around the country.

The Museum will serve as a national landmark located in America’s heartland in Arlington, Texas – providing an unrivaled visitor experience and illustrating the historical thread of sacrifice, patriotism and courage that runs through all U.S. military service members, past and present.

A National Monument in Washington, D.C., will commemorate the service and sacrifice of the bravest and most decorated members of the U.S. Armed Forces. To be in the nation’s capital, it will give all Americans the opportunity to reflect on the courage and patriotism that safeguard freedom and democracy.

Kenneth C. Griffin is the Founder and CEO of Citadel, one of the world’s leading alternative investment firms, and Founder of Griffin Catalyst, his civic engagement initiative encompassing philanthropic and community impact efforts.

A passionate philanthropist over the past three decades Ken has provided more than $2 billion to advance initiatives with the power to transform lives.

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