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$27 million donation to CancerCare Manitoba Foundation announced by Scott Albrechtsen and family
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$27 million donation to CancerCare Manitoba Foundation announced by Scott Albrechtsen and family

Patti Smith, President & CEO of CancerCare Manitoba Foundation (CCMF) announced a transformational gift of $27 million from the Paul Albrechtsen Foundation to CCMF.

This is the largest philanthropic donation to a healthcare organization in the history of Manitoba.   “Today is an incredible day for Manitobans. The impact this gift will have on cancer research and patient care in this province is momentous,” said Patti Smith, President & CEO of CancerCare Manitoba Foundation.

“I am profoundly grateful to the Paul Albrechtsen Foundation for this donation and for honouring Paul’s commitment to making this province better for all Manitobans.”

The gift will support four key areas at CancerCare Manitoba (CCMB) and will ensure CCMB remains at the forefront of cancer research and patient care both on a national and international scale.  • Renewal of research laboratories ($17M) – the two-decade old research lab facilities on floors five, six and seven will be rebuilt to current scientific standards allowing for the continued expansion of CCMB’s comprehensive research program. In recognition of this gift, the CancerCare Manitoba Research Institute will be renamed the Paul Albrechtsen Research Institute CancerCare Manitoba.  • Single Cell Technology ($4M) – a set of five machines that each allow for different analysis of how cells react and interacting with each other in a tumour. In the future, this type of data will allow doctors to personalize treatment to each individual’s cancer and circumstances. The suite of equipment is unique in Canada.  • Genomics ($2.5M) – increased capacity for genomic sequencing will advance personalized medicine for Manitobans. Next Generation Sequencing, as a research and clinical platform, advances the genomic understanding of cancer, making it possible to both develop and select personalized treatments specifically targeting the unique biology of a patient’s disease.  • Centre for Hope – Western Manitoba Cancer Centre ($3.5M previously announced in Brandon on March 29th) – a new dedicated space for the Centre for Hope in Brandon will house physical and emotional care programs for the wider Westman region.

The center will be named the Paul Albrechtsen Centre for Hope.   “The Paul Albrechtsen Foundation is proud to support the important work being done here at CancerCare Manitoba,” said Scott Albrechtsen, President of the Foundation.

“My dad loved this province and believed in supporting all aspects of healthcare from research in the labs to holistic support programs to ensure Manitobans can receive the best possible care close to home. We are proudly honouring his legacy with this gift today.”

“This very generous gift from the Paul Albrechtsen Foundation will continue to build CancerCare Manitoba as a leading comprehensive cancer centre in Canada. This investment and the resulting research breakthroughs will improve the lives of patients and families across the province,” said Dr. Sri Navaratnam, President & CEO of CancerCare Manitoba.

“Patients who come through our doors can expect the best care informed by research.”

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