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$20 million donation to college announced at Endeavour Legacy Foundation
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$20 million donation to college announced at Endeavour Legacy Foundation

In a remarkable act of generosity, Endeavour Legacy Foundation has pledged $20 million to Hampden-Sydney College, the second largest gift in the College’s history.

This transformational investment, announced at the spring Board of Trustees meeting, will be instrumental in funding the renovation of Gilmer Hall, the College’s former science center, into a state-of-the-art teaching and learning facility housing the departments of Economics & Business and Government & Foreign Affairs.

Endeavour Legacy Foundation is committed to supporting institutions and initiatives that create powerful and lasting impacts. By investing in the Gilmer Hall renovation project, the Foundation is creating an environment that will attract and inspire the best prospective students interested in business, finance, economics, politics, public affairs, and foreign relations.

“Endeavour Legacy Foundation is thrilled to be imagining the possibilities with Hampden-Sydney College in taking on this major initiative with transformational potential,” noted a Foundation representative.

Endeavour Legacy Foundation’s generous contribution is a powerful testament to the Foundation’s belief in Hampden-Sydney’s mission “to form good men and good citizens.” The College is incredibly grateful to the Foundation for its partnership in the work of educating and shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

This $20 million investment builds on the Foundation’s previously anonymous $9 million investment in March 2023, which is funding the College’s highly successful Integrated Marketing and Enrollment Initiative. This initiative includes the hiring of regional admission representatives in California, Texas, Florida, Tennessee, and New Jersey; visits to campus by college counselors from high schools around the country; and a national media marketing effort. The continued support from the Foundation demonstrates its unwavering commitment to Hampden-Sydney and the College’s mission and values.

Endeavour Legacy Foundation hopes that these extraordinary investments will inspire other transformative gifts to support the College as it continues to innovate, grow, and provide life-changing experiences for its students. This is an exciting moment in Hampden-Sydney College’s history, and the College looks forward to the impact these incredible philanthropic investments will have on the lives of current and future generations of young men.

“On behalf of a very grateful Hampden-Sydney College community, I thank Endeavour Legacy Foundation for its generous support for our shared vision to make Hampden-Sydney one of the finest and most distinctive colleges in the nation,” said Larry Stimpert, the College’s president. The Marketing and Recruiting Initiative has already transformed our recruiting posture, and a renovated Gilmer Hall will do much to raise the College’s trajectory. Above all, we are grateful for the Foundation’s support for Hampden-Sydney’s noble mission.”

Photo: President Stimpert addresses the Board of Trustees

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