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$17.8 million gift from philanthropist Janet Wolfson de Botton
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$17.8 million gift from philanthropist Janet Wolfson de Botton

New research facilities and equipment, supported accommodation, science laboratories, hospices and a virtual museum are some of the projects awarded a share of over $17.8 million from the Wolfson Foundation headed by Janet Wolfson de Botton  .

In their latest funding round, they have awarded over 70 capital grants across science, health, arts and education in all four nations of the UK.

The University of St Andrews receives $2.5 million for research on green hydrogen technologies, which could potentially decarbonize the energy and chemical industries and support the UK’s transition to Net Zero.

The construction of a unique facility, the Green Hydrogen Accelerator, will provide a dedicated space for research, development, testing and evaluation of these innovative technologies.

The new biomedical imaging equipment will support Manchester Metropolitan University Institute of Sport’s MRI scanner, seen here. Credit: Manchester Metropolitan University.

Elsewhere, Manchester Metropolitan University receives its first award from the Foundation, $504,000 for new equipment within their biomedical imaging laboratory (ACTIVE) in its Institute of Sport. The equipment will support ongoing and new research into human movement across the life course, and particularly the changes affecting people with conditions such as dementia, diabetes and Parkinson’s.

The Wolfson Foundation is pleased to support cultural heritage projects, spanning libraries, archives, historic buildings, performing arts organizations, museums, and galleries. Funding will help support projects that increase accessibility to valuable collections and heritage sites throughout the UK.

In Carlisle, Tullie Museum will use its $634,000 grant to create new learning, education, and gallery spaces to transform the visitor experience on site. In the digital space, we are supporting the National Paralympic Heritage Trust in developing a virtual museum to showcase their collections.

A number of specialist mental health charities also feature in the latest awards. In Belfast, Nexus, a charity that supports people impacted by sexual abuse and abusive relationships, will use their grant of $92,000 to refurbish their headquarters, creating a comfortable environment in which to provide counseling.

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