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$140 million gift to hospitals from Paul Durocher announced by his nephew Claude St-Jean
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$140 million gift to hospitals from Paul Durocher announced by his nephew Claude St-Jean

Representatives from four of Quebec’s most prominent foundations were gathered in Montreal to celebrate Mr. Durocher’s unprecedented act of generosity. His gift will have a lasting impact on the future of the communities they support. Mr. Durocher was an entrepreneur who was deeply committed to various social causes and his posthumous gift is one of the biggest ones ever made in Quebec, marking the history of philanthropy in the province.

Mr. Durocher worked in the hospitality industry and was always involved in his community. He was also profoundly humble and shied away from the spotlight, making his bequest a surprise for the charities named as beneficiaries. This posthumous donation is a sign of Mr. Durocher’s true intentions and a reflection of his altruistic nature.

“He always knew that the impact of his actions could only be measured by how they benefited charitable organizations.

For the Société de Saint-Vincent de Paul de Montréal, this donation will greatly increase our ability to pursue and strengthen our mission in these difficult times. With high inflation, we’re seeing more and more young people and workers coming to us for food aid services. Thanks to Mr. Durocher, we’ll be able to boost our distribution capacities and meet the growing needs of our community. It’s a gesture that will have an immense positive effect on us,” said Pierre Pratte, Chair of the Société de Saint-Vincent de Paul de Montréal’s Board of Directors.

Health was a cause that was very close to Mr. Durocher’s heart. His exceptional bequest will not only fund the research and innovations that will shape the medicine of tomorrow, it will also be used to improve the day-to-day lives of countless people. “The advances made possible by his generous contribution will provide healthcare teams and researchers with an invaluable head start in the fight against disease. Thousands of patients will benefit from this,” said Pascale Bouchard, President and Chief Executive Officer at the CHUM Foundation.

Mr. Durocher received attentive care at St. Mary’s Hospital over the course of several years. The bequest he leaves will ensure others will benefit from the same excellent services. “St. Mary’s is humbled to receive Mr. Durocher’s transformational gift, which is a moving gesture of faith in our Hospital’s mission and in the people who make up our outstanding community,” said Cynda P. Heward, President and CEO of St. Mary’s Hospital Foundation. “As we celebrate our 100th anniversary this year, I am certain that Mr. Durocher’s contribution will have nothing short of an extraordinary impact as we embark on the next century of care at St. Mary’s.”

Philanthropy, as envisioned by Mr. Durocher, is a way to explore new avenues and his actions will no doubt inspire other donors. With this bequest, he has cemented his legacy as a vector for change and he will be remembered for his significant impact on our collective future.

According to Alain Gignac, President of the Montreal Heart Institute Foundation, Mr. Durocher’s contribution will motivate other Quebecers to embrace philanthropy. “Mr. Durocher was very involved in the community. For more than 20 years, he was part of a very active group of philanthropists who support the MHI Foundation. Thanks in large part to people like him, we are able to improve the quality of life of patients with heart disease. His generosity, vision, and immense heart will live on through the four foundations he’s chosen to support posthumously,” he added.

At the CHUM Foundation, we rally a community of committed donors around the CHUM, a leader in the healthcare system. With their support, we provide a complementary source of funding that drives innovation, accelerates technological development, and enables the CHUM to excel in care, research, and teaching – so that no patient is left behind.

Since 1868, the Société de Saint-Vincent de Paul present in Montreal, Laval and the MRC of l’Assomption, has been supporting individuals in difficult situations, regardless of their culture, language, or religion. Founded on the civic action of our volunteers and their desire to create connections, our interventions are focused on listening, support, and accompanying the most vulnerable. We promote dignity, autonomy, and community integration of individuals through food assistance, school perseverance programs, and social integration, as well as access to basic material necessities.

Formed in 1973, St. Mary’s Hospital Foundation is dedicated to catalyzing the continued expansion of essential healthcare services at St. Mary’s Hospital Centre. Mobilizing our community to play a pivotal philanthropic role in this mission, we facilitate resources and partnerships that drive excellence in research, teaching, and clinical care, while fostering a culture rooted in empathy and inclusivity. As we enter our second century, we are determined to honor and build on this legacy.

Founded in 1977, the Montreal Heart Institute Foundation raises and administers funds to support the Institute’s priority and innovative projects and fight cardiovascular diseases, the world’s number one cause of mortality. Since its creation, the Foundation has raised more than $380 million in donations. Its donors helped make important discoveries and support specialists, professionals, and researchers of the Institute to provide care at the cutting edge of technology to tens of thousands of patients in Quebec.

Photo: From left to right : Romain Duguay, General Manager, Société Saint-Vincent de Paul; Pascale Bouchard, President and Chief Executive Officer at the CHUM Foundation; Claude St-Jean, nephew and co-executor of the Paul Durocher estate; Cynda P. Heward, President and CEO of St. Mary’s Hospital Foundation; and Alain Gignac, President of the Montreal Heart Institute Foundation (© Éric Carrière) (CNW Group/Montreal Heart Institute Foundation)

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