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Lifestyles Magazine special editions are dedicated issues each focusing on a specific topic from healthcare to social innovation and impact investing.

The Lifestyles Magazine Top 100 Art Collectors reflects renewable collector activity and shares which pieces artists and collectors see as transformative and inspirational.

Foundations are the lifeblood for thousands of organizations that serve hundreds of thousands of people in different regions around the world.

From building friendly energy technology to conserving rain forests, addressing climate change issues, and protecting water from contaminants and pollutants, these individuals ensure that the slightest bit of environmental movement can create waves.

The Lifestyles 360° takes a comprehensive look at the most impactful donations of the year.

This group of young philanthropists proves that the desire to make a difference in the world is its own fire, enough to ignite the passion and determination to create something better for generations to come.

Our Global Philanthropy Register focuses on gifts from those with the world’s highest giving power.

Our tech list recognizes pioneers like Bill Gates and Elon Musk, as well as those who have changed the ways we connect, like Mark Zuckerberg. With advancements occurring faster than you can say Uber, it’s exciting to think what’s coming next.

While there may not be red carpets everywhere they go, these celebs are making new fans in places as far away from Hollywood as you can get.

The women included in this Women in Philanthropy issue dedicate their time and resources to ensure a better tomorrow.