Issue 292: Pre-Spring 2021

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Spotlight: Tal Zaks

Spotlight: Albert Bourla and Alex Gorsky

Q&A: Larry Fink

Five Questions: Hanieh Sadat

First Person: Michael Pellman Rowland


Foundations and Family Offices


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Cover Profile

James Cameron & Suzy Amis Cameron

By Leah Morrison

Be part of the world’s solution, not its destruction.

Guest Editorial: Ola Källenius

By Ola Källenius

His work to change the automotive sector has been transformational for the environment.

Katalin Karikó

By Nancy A. Ruhling, Susan Polgar, and Gabriel Erem

How mRNA became the key to the production of the COVID-19 vaccines.

Monica Yunus and Camille Zamora

By Rena Godfrey

Bringing people together through music.

Art Bilger

By Eve Bilger

Building solid workforces and helping others.

Nancy Conrad

By Courtney Greenberg

Making sure young people’s potentials soar.