Issue 288: Summer 2020

In This Issue


Letter from our Founder


Generation Next

Members of the next generation are stepping up to the plate and using their resources to help make a difference in more ways than was previously imaginable.

COVID-19 Relief Efforts

High profile donations to battle the virus that is still devastating large parts of the world.


Cover Profile

Jack Dorsey

By Daisy Milo

Twitter’s Jack Dorsey tries to deliver a knock-out punch to COVID-19.

Alexander Wallenberg

By Angelica Pajkovic

Alexander Wallenberg is pursuing creative avenues and adopting different perspectives.

Craig Kielburger

By Nicole Schubert

“Some people call social entrepreneurship the love child of charity and business,” says Craig Kielburger. “Taking the best of both. This generation is demanding it.”

Joshua “Zeke” Thomas

By Rena Godfrey

When he spoke out for those who couldn’t, Joshua “Zeke” Thomas started an important conversation.

Zak Williams

By Courtney Greenberg

After experiencing a family tragedy, Zak Williams is helping others look after their mental health.

Garrett Snider

By Leah Morrison

By helping children overcome traumatizing experiences, Garrett Snider is changing a generation.

Jason Carter

By Meagan Gillmore

Jason Carter may be best known as Jimmy’s grandson, but his legacy lies in his own passion.

Guest Editorials

Experts Weigh In: Letter from Denes Ban

Denes Ban is the Managing Partner at OurCrowd.

Experts Weigh In: Letter from Mark Smolinski

Mark Smolinski is the former director of Global Health Threats at Skoll Global Threats Fund, and is now working to rein in the world’s newest threat as the president of Ending Pandemics.

Guest Editorial: Michelle Williams

As a health expert and a career working with the country’s youth, Williams has an insider’s look at how the COVID-19 pandemic is changing the lives of the next generation.