Issue 286: Pre-Spring 2020

In This Issue


Big Gift: The World Unites

Saving one of the worst fire seasons in Australia’s history.

Five Questions: Chuck Stetson

Reflecting on his family, how health needs to change, and on the next generation.


Foundations and Family Offices

Foundations Around the World


Cover Profile

David M. Rubenstein and Ellie Rubenstein

By Nicole Schubert

Ellie and David M. Rubenstein are demonstrating how the next generation can make a positive impact.

Monica George

By Luke Coulter

Through her dedication to helping people achieve justice, Monica George has proven that age makes no difference.

Suraj and Reetu Gupta

By Courtney Greenberg

Brother-and-sister team Suraj and Reetu Gupta are redefining the phrase “family office.”

Edward Norton

By Mariah Pardy

Edward Norton is giving direction and raising awareness.

Archish Mittal

By Meagan Gillmore

Archish Mittal is transforming India’s education, one village at a time.

John Lanier

By Angelica Pajkovic

John Lanier is working to honor his grandfather through his foundation work.

Cindy and Gabby Citrone

By Leah Morrison

Cindy and Gabby Citrone depend on each other for lessons in philanthropy, the next generation, and compassion.


  • Breakthrough Prize
  • Prostate Cancer Foundation New York Dinner
  • NEXUS Art & Impact Dinner
  • NEXUS Art & Legacy Conversation
  • Angel Ball
  • Edward M. Kennedy Institute Annual Dinner
  • Gotham Awards