Issue 285: New Year 2020

Letter from the Publisher

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Marc Benioff with Lifestyles Magazine / Meaningful Influence Founder Gabriel Erem

“Seize the opportunity in front of you. Imagine. Invent. Disrupt. Do good. I know that you must be passionate, unreasonable, and a little bit crazy to follow your own ideas and do things differently. But it’s worth it. Life grows relative to one’s investment in it.”
―Marc Benioff
Founder, Salesforce

In This Issue


Big Gift: Michael Jordan

Five Questions: Inge Solheim


The Lifestyles 360


Cover Profile

Robert F. Smith

By Nancy A. Ruhling

With one declaration, Robert F. Smith erased debt for an entire graduating class.

Marc Benioff

By N.C. Maisak

The life and (philanthropic) times of Marc Benioff.

Matt Damon

By Leah Morrison

He may have an Oscar, but Matt Damon’s focus includes philanthropy as well as film.

Florian Hériard Dubreuil

By Luke Coulter

Florian Hériard Dubreuil demonstrates how time is everything when it comes to creating an impact.

Ian Wood

By Nancy A. Ruhling

Sir Ian Wood speaks to half the world—not to forget the other half.

Chelsea Toler-Hoffmann

By Courtney Greenberg

Chelsea Toler-Hoffmann knows the value of change.

Marko Kasic

By Angelica Pajkovic

An appreciation for his own upbringing led Marko Kasic to want the same for others.

Mark Agnew

By Mariah Pardy

Eight years on Wall Street doesn’t compare to Mark Agnew’s nest act.


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