Issue 279: New Year 2019

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The Lifestyles 360

What a year it has been for giving.


Cover Profile

Masayoshi Son

The impossible, insane, totally believable journey of Masayoshi Son.

In Tribute to Paul Allen

The philanthropic community suffered an immense loss with the passing of Paul Allen on October 15.

Andrew Tisch and Mary Skafidas

By Nancy A. Ruhling

In their new book, Andrew Tisch and Mary Skafidas explore the stories of U.S. immigrants.

S.A. Ibrahim

By Kimberly Greene

The heart and soul of S.A. Ibrahim.

Lela Goren

By Rena Godfrey

Lela Goren is paving the way for the empowerment of women.

Sir James D. Wolfensohn

By N.C. Maisak

Sir James D. Wolfensohn on a life well lived.

William McNulty

By Meagan Gillmore

With his years as a U.S. Marine behind him, William McNulty has continued to help others affected by disasters.

Avi Shoshani

By Liliane-Carol Benoit

Avi Shoshani wants to use classical music to heal.

Mía Maestro

By Sheryl Weisbrot

Actress Mía Maestro knows how to find inner peace between her work and conservation efforts.


  • Appeal of Conscience Foundation Gala
  • Creative Coalition Spotlight Initiative Awards
  • United Hospital Fund Gala
  • Women’s Entrepreneurship Day
  • Gift of Life Gala
  • Dreamfest
  • Monte Carlo Gala for the Global Ocean

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