Issue 269: Spring 2017

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Big Gift: John A. and Susan Sobrato

Gift to Santa Clara University.


The Tech List


Todd Wagner

By Kim Greene

How Entrepreneur Todd Wagner is bringing charity into the digital age.

Kate Mitchell

By Mariah Pardy

Kate Mitchell continues to push the barriers and follow her passion as a CEO in the world of technology.

Majora Carter

By N.C. Maisak

CEO Majora Carter is making sure residents of her community have the tech skills to succeed.

Hanan Lipskin

By Holly Banting

Hanan Lipskin left a prestigious job to invest everything into eradicating cyberbullying.

Leerom Segal

By Sam Robinson

Leerom Segal isn’t only changing the way companies run, he’s changing how they give back.

Amanda Moskowitz

By Sarah Manning

How Amanda Moskowitz is getting the right tools into the hands of startups.

Yoshua Bengio

By Vanessa Warner

Montreal computer scientist Yoshua Bengio pushes the boundaries of science to discover the principles behind intelligence.

Richard and Laetitia Garriott de Cayeux

By Nancy A. Ruhling

Husband-and-wife team Richard and Laetitia Garriott de Cayeux know when to work hard and when to have fun.


  • Film Independent Spirit Awards
  • Wall Street Dinner
  • Winter Lunch
  • Tropical Safari Gala
  • Plates for Pediatrics
  • The Creative Coalition Inaugural Gala
  • International Prime Minister’s Club Dinner

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