Issue 268: Pre-Spring 2017

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First Person: Richard Ditizio

Making sense of families and money is what Richard Ditizio does best.

Five Questions: Metuka Benjamin

Remembering how one man impressed her with his dedication to helping others learn.


Special Edition Medical Theme


Cover Profile

Michael Milken

How legendary financier and philanthropist Michael Milken has been creating value for half a century.

Deborah Brooks

By Leah Morrison

From a start-up partnership to a thriving foundation, Deborah Brooks has made life better for thousands of people with Parkinson’s disease.

Mark Hyman

By Mariah Pardy

Dr. Mark Hyman is making it his mission to empower the public to rethink the human body.

Kathy Giusti

By Leah Morrison

After being diagnosed with cancer, Kathy Giusti created a foundation to help others with the same disease.

Thomas Frieden

By Sarah Manning

Dr. Thomas Frieden sees miles down the road from his perch at the CDC.

Jane Foley

By Mackenzie Galloway

Dr. Jane Foley realizes her purpose in the world of education thanks to the Milken Educator Awards.

Q&A: Freda Lewis-Hall

Constantly advocating for her patients, Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall has spent her career bringing focus to mental illness.

Peter Scardino

By Luke Coulter

Always looking on the bright side, Dr. Peter Scardino believes that a cure for prostate cancer will be found.

Francis Collins

By Nancy A. Ruhling

Armed with his microscope, Dr. Francis Collins is using DNA research to eradicate disease and illness.

Andrew von Eschenbach

By Mariah Pardy

He may have hung up his white coat, but Andrew von Eschenbach is still fighting to cure prostate cancer.

Joelle Simpson

By Rena Godfrey

Dr. Joelle Simpson learned the value of a support system through her journey as a Milken Scholar.

James P. Allison

By Nancy A. Ruhling

James P. Allison and the immunotherapy breakthrough

Lynn R. Goldman

By Rena Godfrey

Leading the national conversation on public health, Lynn R. Goldman keeps the fire burning.


  • Art Basel Miami
  • Prostate Cancer Foundation Dinner
  • UJA 2017 Annual Campaign
  • Harlem School of the Arts Gala
  • Autism Speaks Celebrity Chef Gala
  • AFMDA New York Gala
  • Carousel of Hope

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