Issue 256: Pre-Spring 2015

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First Person: Gene Gurkoff

Moving the market, one mile at a time.

Five Questions: Ken Berger

A revolution in philanthropy.


The Lifestyles 360


Cover Profile

Charles Best

By Nancy A. Ruhling

Charles Best has singlehandedly changed education. And he’s done it all from in front of his keyboard.

Q&A: Edie Lutnick

By Sarah Manning

Almost a decade and a half after 9/11, Edie Lutnick refuses to forget.

Jamie Broach

By Julie Jacobs

Jamie Broad starts again, with purpose.

David Williams

By Marc Weisblott

David Williams is making dreams come true for thousands of kids each year.

Vicki Thomas

By Marc Weisblott

A voice in the background. An unexplainable pull to help. Unraveling the mysteries that led Vicki Thomas to track down two military vets.


  • Art Basel
  • Miracle Concert
  • Ripple of Hope Gala
  • AFHU Scopus Gala
  • A Magical Evening
  • Sean Penn and Friends

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