In This Issue


Big Givers: Charles and Lisa Simonyi

$100 million in 10 years provides access to excellence.

Five Questions: Richard Goodstone

Marketing for music festivals.

First Person: Hanson

Hanson drinks it all in.


The Entertainment List

We listen to their music and watch their movies, but some entertainers’ most memorable performances happen far
from the bright lights of sets and studios.

Charitable Athletes

Using their good fortune to give back to those who need it most.

Alma Mater

These alumni are ready to give back to the institutions that helped shape them.


Cover Profile

Jeff Skoll

By Matthew Simmons

Jeff Skoll’s aw-shucks dominance of Hollywood.

Martha Plimpton

By Rena Godfrey

From child star to leading lady, you’ve got to give Martha Plimpton an A.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson

By Nancy A. Ruhling

Sitcom star Jesse Tyler Ferguson doesn’t just wear a bow tie for fashion; he wears it for change.

Liam Murphy

By Kimberly Greene

Bieber had a favorite teacher. So did Miley. Liam Murphy wants people to recognize that the right classroom can change lives.

Kristin Bauer

By Kimberly Greene

Kristin Bauer is in a fight she thought already ended.

Scott Neeson

By Julie Jacobs

Scott Neeson traded a career as a movie exec for a role rescuing Cambodian children. And what did he get in return? Everything.

Kyle Petty

By Amy Soberano

If his family is NASCAR royalty, then Kyle Petty is the crown prince of giving back.

Kevin O’Leary

By Nancy A. Ruhling

In the boardroom—and on-camera—with Kevin O’Leary.


  • Louis Vuitton and ONEXONE host “An Exceptional Journey”
  • Young Philanthropy Event
  • NYC Ballet Spring Gala
  • The Crystal Party
  • Adelsons Honored By Values
  • Life Ball
  • Hollywood Domino Gala
  • MoMA’s Party in the Garden