Issue 240: Summer 2012

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Giving Green

Putting the focus on advocates fighting for the health of our planet.

Green Spaces

Natural wonders preserved with a little help from humankind.


Cover Profile

Richard Branson

By Matthew Simmons

Richard Branson rules the world! (and other fun facts you may not know)

Philippe Cousteau

By Menachem Kaiser

Famous name aside, Philippe Cousteau has made his own mark on the oceans. Now he’s looking to do the same on Wall Street.

Annie Leonard

By Alanna Mager

Love her or hate her, Annie Leonard won’t be stopped.

David Keith

By Darren Gluckman

He complains about Al Gore, outfitted Luke Skywalker, and teaches science to the best and brightest at Harvard. Maybe we should listen to David Keith when he tells us how to save the world.

Peter Thum

By Victoria Scrozzo

How did Peter Thum transform Ethos Water from an idea to improve sanitation and hygiene into a seminal social movement? Getting to know the folks at eBay and Starbucks sure didn’t hurt.

Michael Bailey

By Nancy A. Ruhling

From co-founding Greenpeace to dousing oil wells in Kuwait, Michael Bailey is still in the center of the storm.

Danielle Fong

By N. C. Maisek

Grade school dropout at 12. Princeton Ph.D. candidate at 17. Company founder at 20. There is absolutely nothing average about Danielle Fong.

Quayle Hodek

By Amy Soberano

Quayle Hodek is young, successful, handsome, and rolling in green.

Gary Cohen

By Julie Jacobs

From travel writer to worldwide phenom, Gary Cohen is painting health care green.

Rena Shulsky David

By Nancy A. Ruhling

The multi-hyphen life of Rena Shulsky David.

Joe Romm

By Marc Weisblott

Using his keyboard, Joe Romm fights with everyone, from green groups to the president of the United States—and he doesn’t pull punches.


  • A Celebration of Paul Newman’s Dream
  • Larger Than Life
  • Breguet Fêtes Invention of the Wristwatch
  • Brant Foundation Presents Karen Kilimnik
  • Bid to Save the Earth
  • A Cultural History of Physics
  • Tribeca Ball
  • Heritage Dinner Celebrates Rupert Murdoch
  • IWC Launches Flagship NYC Boutique
  • Skating With the Stars
  • Equality Now
  • Food Bank Can-Do Awards

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