Issue 232: Pre-Spring 2011

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Foundation 40

After months of uncertainty, there’s encouraging news for foundations everywhere: The Foundation Center is predicting steady growth in grantmaking as nonprofits slowly return to form as the second decade of the millennium begins.

The Giving Pledge

With the future of public funding uncertain, impactful philanthropy is increasingly shifting to the private sector.


Cover Profile

Lauren Bush

By Maxine Tayar

She’s related to presidents, and soon fashion royalty, but Lauren Bush would rather be known for the accessory she wears over her shoulder.

Jon Huntsman

By Nancy A. Ruhling

He helped invent the egg carton and the packaging for Big Macs, but the only legacy billionaire Jon Huntsman wants to leave is an empty bank account.

Gary White

By Elisa Birnbaum

When Matt Damon’s H2O Africa went looking for a partner, the search ended when it found Gary White. And that’s when the real work began.

Nancy Lublin

By Alexandra Lucchesi

Chief Old Person Nancy Lublin on why you don’t have to be Bono or Bill Gates to change the world.

Frank Giustra

By Nancy A. Ruhling

Traveling with Bill Clinton and hanging with Carlos Slim seems like fun, but Vancouver’s Frank Giustra would rather discuss restoring sight in Peru and building schools in Colombia.

Kerry Herlihy Sullivan

By Julie Jacobs

Bank of America Charitable Foundation’s Kerry Herlihy Sullivan is helping bridge the gap between Wall Street and Main Street.

Alex Silver

By Steven Woodhead

When Alex Silver’s son was born with a rare, horrific skin condition, he and his wife could have given up—instead, they’re racing against the clock to find a cure.

Jane Aronson

By Julie Jacobs

Faced with an adoption system that leaves too many behind, the “Orphan Doctor,” Jane Aronson, has created a safety net for thousands of kids.

Ira Leesfield

By N.C. Maisek

Ira Leesfield never forgot how it felt to have people believe in him; now he’s created an entire foundation to pay it forward.

Kenneth Behring

By David Blumenfeld

Buy an NFL team? Check. Build a luxury enclave in California? Check. Donate a million wheelchairs? Check. If Kenneth Behring has done it all, why does he keep finding new mountains to climb?


  • American Museum of Natural History Gala
  • 8th Annual FIDF Young Leadership Gala
  • Gotham Independent Film Awards
  • Conference of Presidents
  • YUWO 25th Anniversary
  • Wall Street luminaries celebrated
  • Guggenheim International Gala
  • Lin Arison at MoMA
  • A Heart for Children
  • Starlight Children’s Foundation and Disney on Ice
  • AFOUI Annual Gala Celebration
  • LVMH Art Talk
  • 23rd Annual Mount Sinai OB/GYN Fashion Show and Luncheon

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