Issue 223: Fall 2009

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Giving Green

Who knows more about “green” than the world’s wealthiest individuals? Bank accounts aside, these three dozen-plus titans of industry are looking for sustainability as much as profit as they pour capital into green technology and businesses and make important financial commitments to environmental causes.

Hollywood Green

While tabloids are full of scandalous behavior, some celebrities are using their downtime to spread the green word.


Cover Profile

Bernard Arnault

By Liliane-Carol Benoit

Arnault may be surrounded by luxury on the Champs-Élysées, but his eyes are focused on creating a sustainable planet.

As chairman of LVMH, Bernard Arnault may be ruling over an empire, but he is just as interested in preserving the world’s beauty as he is in creating it.

T. Boone Pickens

By Matthew Simmons

The amazing metamorphosis of T. Boone Pickens from career oilman to an environmentalist desperate to save America from itself.

Peter Seligmann

By Wendy Helfenbaum

Environmentalist Peter Seligmann has everyone from Harrison Ford to Wal-Mart chairman S. Robson Walton thinking globally and acting locally.

Elon Musk

By Nancy A. Ruhling

After spending millions of his own fortune—and pulling 18-hour workdays—building energy-efficient homes, cars, and rockets, Elon Musk may finally get everything he’s after (with the exception of sleep).

Buzz Aldrin

By Victoria Scrozzo

One of the first men to set foot on the surface of the moon is working hard to ensure you get the same out-of-this-world opportunity he did.

David and Simon Reuben

By Natalie Madell

David and Simon Reuben built an empire from scratch—and now their goal is to create hope.

Georges Kern

By Liliane-Carol Benoit

Georges Kern is steering IWC Schaffhausen, the world renowned watchmaker, with his heart and his conscience.

Ron Gonen

By Victoria Scrozzo

RecycleBank’s Ron Gonen wants to give green for going green.

Peter Schwarzenbauer

By Nancy A. Ruhling

Peter Schwarzenbauer may spend his weekdays singing Audi’s praises from behind a desk, but when the weekend rolls around, you can find him on the open road.

Ron Agam

By Danielle Sonnenberg

Photographer Ron Agam believes the best discoveries are the ones that happen by chance.

Tom Szaky

By Julie Jacobs

For TerraCycle CEO Tom Szaky, one man’s garbage is his treasure.

Q&A: David de Rothschild

British adventurer David de Rothschild, the 31-year-old founder of Adventure Ecology, a group that organizes expeditions to environmentally sensitive areas to raise awareness, is getting set to sail aboard the Plastiki, a 60-foot vessel constructed mostly from reclaimed plastic bottles.


  • Louis Vuitton Looks to the Stars
  • Rainforest Alliance Gala
  • Four Seasons and Guggenheim’s 50th Anniversaries
  • Music Visionary of the Year Award
  • NBC’s Jeff Zucker Honored
  • MoMA Party in the Garden
  • Mount Sinai Crystal Ball
  • Four Seasons of Hope Gala
  • Global Leadership Awards
  • Women in Film
  • American Ballet Theatre Spring Gala 2009

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