Caroline Mindus

48 plus years of serving the world’s philanthropic community our publication’s success proves that most “doers” have a story worth sharing — this same belief has driven Caroline to pursue and nurture the art of communication throughout her life.

Caroline represents the Millennial generation on our Advisory Committee.

Her international upbringing in Sweden and France, with a rich multi-cultural legacy from China and Sweden, set the stage for her open-mindedness and sensitivity to diversity. The family array of entrepreneurs, diplomats, lawyers, professors and doctors also laid ground for her willingness to become an advocate for inclusion and breaking boundaries with education.

She first chose the scientific path by enrolling at King’s College London for a BSc in Biomedical Science, to quench her thirst for a deep understanding of the human body, stemming from a passion to help others — she would gladly share her knowledge with classmates in need. She combined her studies in science with practice of kung fu and dance with a multitude of live performances, as choreographer and performer, further cultivating both discipline and creativity.

To develop her innate sense of service, Caroline pursued an MSc in Luxury Management at the International University of Monaco, in alignment with several summer placements in prestigious luxury establishments in the South of France.

Being part of her family business since 2015, she has been immersed in how tech can be a force for social good, by e.g. breaking down social digital differences — tech has become a tool for expression. Caroline regularly experiences and contributes to the strength of community action at international hackathons, where she strives to help shape participants’ stories and presentation strategies as Mentor.

These networking and interpersonal skills were also used to build bridges as Connector for her family’s enterprise, at major international events including WebSummit, MWC and VivaTech, representing her native Sweden. Her skills to swiftly recognise what future business partners would potentially need, and meticulously match different players with each other, led her to being invited as delegate on several official trade missions with the Monaco Economic Board.

She is also active in Nexus representing Monaco, a global organisation of change-makers gathering next-generation philanthropists, impact investors and social entrepreneurs; always ready and willing to help on the field, as she did volunteering with children in Asia, a cause close to her heart.

As founder of recently established Monaco-based Magnitis, Caroline now focuses her attention to helping people and start-ups-especially those focused on impact- find and shape their voice; for them to share their story, and ultimately help achieve sustainable goals.

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