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The American Academy of Arts & Sciences Announces Largest Gift in its History: $10 Million Gift from David M. Rubenstein

David M. Rubenstein has pledged a transformative gift that will help preserve the nation’s past and strengthen the future of American democracy. Click the cover to read the article.

Guest Editorial: Ola Källenius

His work to change the automotive sector has been transformational for the environment. Click on his image to download and read the article.

Katalin Karikó (pictured) and Drew Weissman receive the Rosenstiel Award for their work in mRNAs, which was used in the development of COVID-19 vaccines by Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna.

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Click on the cover image of Mackenzie Scott to download and read the Lifestyles Magazine/Meaningful Influence article.

MacKenzie Scott donates
an additional $4.2 billion

Just months after giving away $1.7 billion, MacKenzie Scott has announced an additional donation of $4.2 billion to 384 organizations that focus on operating in communities dealing with food insecurities, high poverty rates, racial inequality, and that aren’t typically considered for philanthropic contributions.

Funds were given to more than 30 educational institutions, over 40 food banks, and almost 50 local affiliates of Goodwill Industries International. It seems that no group applied for a grant—Scott’s team simply reached out to the organizations. As she did with her last massive donation, Scott wrote a post and listed every group that received a contribution online.

In her post, Scott asked her team to help her figure out how she can give her fortune away faster. Her wealth has been increasing as its primary source, stocks in Amazon, continue to surge as the pandemic continues. She has been praised, not only for how quickly she is giving away her wealth, but how she is doing it. By sharing the results of her research and criteria, people can learn about the organizations Scott is donating to and why they are worth supporting. In her post, she encourages others to learn about and donate to one of the organizations she has contributed to with this donation.

“Though I’m far from completing my pledge, this year of giving began with exposure to leaders from historically marginalized groups fighting inequities, and ended with exposure to thousands of organizations working to alleviate suffering for those hardest hit by the pandemic,” Scott wrote. “Witnessing the determination, creativity, and compassion of people in a crisis has been inspiring.”

Mary Barra to be Inducted Into the Leading Women’s Hall of Fame

Please click on the cover of Mary Barra to read the full article.

Learn About COVID-19

We at Lifestyles Magazine/Meaningful Influence are fortunate to have close relationships with the world’s leading philanthropists and medical experts.

One of our recent cover stories featured Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, a renown surgeon, professor, inventor, and leading philanthropist. He is an adjunct professor of surgery and executive director of the Wireless Health Institute at UCLA and a visiting professor at Imperial College London and Dartmouth College. Dr. Soon-Shiong has published more than 100 scientific papers and has more than 230 issued patents worldwide on advancements spanning numerous fields in technology and medicine.

Dr. Soon-Shiong created some very informational videos about the COVID-19 pandemic for the Los Angeles Times (which he owns) and in the interest of our readership he agreed to share those videos on our website.

To access the videos, please click on Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong’s Lifestyles Magazine/Meaningful Influence cover.

Years ago, I had the good fortune of getting to know the Nobel Prize winner professor Albert Sabin, whose oral polio vaccine saved tens of millions of children globally. He was a soft-spoken, lovely and humble man. While all the global pharma giants are chasing potential solutions to COVID-19, we should remember...

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